Anchoring Script for Annual Day Celebration - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Anchoring script. Anchoring Script for a Cultural Event - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. welcome you all to our ANNUAL DAY FUNCTION . Welcoming (Lightning of Lamp)Good evening. It's an honor itself to honour this beautiful audience who hasgathered here. I Simran/ Anushka.

Anchoring Script For Annual Function Pdf

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ANCHORING SCRIPT. Asif Sultan Matta. Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman! The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, invited guests. Anchoring Script, Annual Function, Anchoring, College Anchoring, Couple Anchoring, Fresher party anchoring script, script. Free Essay: Anchor Good Morning everyone! The galaxy Annual Function. Farewell Party Anchoring Script PDF at Online Ebook Library.

Anchor OK, what is next?

Come with me to the theatre of life. Now kids of grade 2 to 6 will fetch us centuries back.

Anchoring Script for a Cultural Event

It is a legend about the abductance of many children from the town of Haemlin, Germany. It is a high-level costume drama. Anchor Magic! Yes, magic and music both. Its a formalized type of dance performance which is highly technical with its own vocabulary. Anchor Really? Anchor Yes, A blend of meticulous Pointe work, flowing and precise, weightless acrobatic movements.

Program Wow really incredible The dancers have held captive everyone.

A blend of cosmic tune and divine music! Really proved as icing on the cake for this event. Thank you very much for this fabulous performance.

For that I call upon Brother Muneer to come on the stage and present a Ghazal Zindagi ek chahat ka silsila hai Koi mel gia tu koi bichhad gaya. Jissy manga ta duawon mai Wo kesi owr ko bina mangy mel gia.

Program 5! Wo shaks jo mera apna b nahi Ho jye kisi aur ka muje acha nhi lagta Thank you brother Muneer for this heart touching Ghazal. Program 6: You grow older because you stop laughing. Now here is coming Mr. Zeeshaan to put the stage on fire by his charismatic dance presentation Program 7: Wow really incredible performance.

Now get ready to see something special. Do you know what that is? Yes our traditional song Kashmiri Rouf. For that please welcome Ishrat and group by putting your hands together and giving them a good round of applause. Program 8: Now I too will sing a song. Program 9: Ladies and gentlemen kindly give them a sincere welcome.

I wish Heena's group to come up on the stage and present a Folk Song Yes indeed it is! Ladies and Gentlemen!

The love, which becomes obsolete with the passage of time… Remember! The true love always enhances with the passage of time and fake love diminishes. Wo Muskuraye aur Kehney Lagey! This drama is dedicated to all True Lovers. Let me tell you a very short story. Per story abhi Baki hy Mery Dosto.. Mein tou Mazak kr rhi thi. I Love you 2! Let us proceed this program forward. I call upon Shemmu's group to present a Qawali.

Please welcome them.

Xindagi yun to mukamal thi apni Jane kyu tuje dekha to adhoori lagi. Hold your breath, because once more the stage is to be put on fire by a zealous dance performance. Please welcome Danish and Zeeshaan to bang the stage by their dance presentation. Wahida to sing a song by her beautiful emotive voice. Please welcome her with big hands. Thank you! Sameer with big hands. Indeed a beautiful ghazal you have sung…. Thank you very much.

Now I request Ms. Mariya to come up on the stage and tranquil our souls by singing a song by her beautiful voice. Now I call upon Ms.

Nazima to sing a Kashmiri song. Please put your hands together to give her a warm welcome….

Hamen tou Aap ki Saadgi ne hi Dewana bana dia..! Beenish to share a joke. Arbeen is our next participant.

I call upon her on the stage to sing a song. At last, I would like to call upon our first participant, who enthralled audience with his heart touching song.

I am talking about Zeeshaan… Please welcome Zeeshaan Ahmad once again… to present a dance show, with a huge applause. Meri chaahatein tumse alag kab hain, Dil ki baatein tum se chhupi kab hain, Tum saath raho dil me dhadkan ki jagah, Phir zindagi ko saanso ki zarurat kab hai.

I hope you all have enjoyed this mesmerizing occasion.

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I express gratitude to the organizers, who work round the clock to make this program successful. I thank all those who implicitly or explicitly became the part of this event. And, I congratulate all the participants for the catchy and captivating performance.

We are all pleased with their performance.

Thanks to you all. Tujhi se ibtada hai tu hi ik din intaha hoga sada-e-saz hogi aur na saz-e-besada hoga hamen malum hai hum se suno mahashar mein kya hoga sab us ko dekhte honge wo hamako dekhata hoga sar-e-mahashar hum aise aasiyon ka aur kya hoga dar-e-jannat na va hoga dar-e-rahamat to va hoga jahannum ho ki jannat jo bhi hoga faisala hoga ye kya kam hai hamara aur us ka samana hoga.

Thank you, blessed be you all!.

Anchoring Script for Annual Day Celebration

Riddhi Trivedi 29 January at Ramzan Zafar 24 March at Faisal Rafiq 1 April at Yogesh Agrawal, Sarangpur 13 August at Endup Lepcha 20 August at Asif Sultan Matta 24 October at Unknown 28 July at Taruna Garg 27 October at Ghufran Sajid 31 October at Unknown 4 November at Pallavi Sivastava 5 December at Chandani Jha 16 December at Unknown 27 March at Asif Sultan Matta 31 December at Unknown 27 November at Unknown 21 December at Himanshi Dhawan 29 December at Unknown 21 January at Amrit Sehgal 21 January at Unknown 17 February at Shiv sankar 6 September at Unknown 15 December at Aditya Chauhan 19 December at Unknown 5 July at Unknown 8 July at Div: But it has been a long time since I have attended one and I am very eager to attend one.

Like this document? We also welcome our special guest Sri. Oh yeah I love attending Bday parties Views Total views. Anchor Good Morning everyone!

Fireworks of rapid moving steps. Yes, magic and music both.