The Magic Presence. Godfre Ray King. Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, site ebook. Pages (PDF): Publication Date: . Download Links: I run this site. Aug 19, 1 #01 - Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfré Ray King - -Second Edition. Saint Germain, Godfré Ray King, Guy Ballard, I AM Activity, Unveiled Mysteries, The I AM Discourses. Ascended Master, Saint Germain. The “I AM” Discourses by Godfre Ray King Magic Presence and The "I AM" Discourses in their present, splendid form. All credit is given of books by Godfre . Ray King and the Ascended Masters are the Authentic Statements He uttered.

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Volume 02 - The Magic Presence - PDF SKU: DE; Category: Download - text; Type: PDF - SG Series; Details: pages; Details: by Godfre Ray King. G. W. BALLARD. (Godfre Rat King). An Analysis of "Unveiled Mysteries,' the " Magic Presence," and the. "I AM Discourses". By. G. B. Bryan, d. c.. BROCHURE No. G. W. BALLARD. (Godfre Ray King). An Analysis of "Unveiled Mysteries the " Magic Presence," and the. "7 AM Discourses" by. Dr. G. B. Bryan.. BROCHURE No.

It was only years later that I started to believe it, but against my deepest intuitions. Another thing is that since I came into the Activity I remember feeling that Godfr had never gone to India. I remember hearing interviews with early students who met Godfr when he came back to Chicago, and before he was famous, and they were speaking about him coming back to Chicago from the WEST - meaning California probably.

Later findings confirmed it.

In a pamphlet published in , the author of "Psychic Dictatorship in America" shows how the dates don't work. After those experiences, start the ones of Magic Presence - in Around July of Saint Germain meets with them and announce that in one year from now Daniel Rayborn would attain the ascension. And so comes times of preparation, there is a Christmas event together in which they traveled to the University Rayborn's children were attending and etc, and then one year after the announcement Daniel Rayborn attains the ascension, and the rest of the group goes to the Far East where the closing chapters take place.

Ballard was already back home, started in July And then more and more it started to become clear to me how the majority of what is in the Magic Presence can't be anything but fiction. Lots of those stories are very imaginative and ill-written, they get confused and etc. And those stories about secret services capturing secret communist agents and all that. That sounded like sheer fiction to me too.

I never understood, for example, how in the Ascended Master Retreat in Darjeeling, India, Rex was capable of identifying a intruder within the retreat - while the all-Powerful and all-Knowing Ascended Masters there present couldn't. And when Rex said: "an intruder!

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And then Rex's Twin Ray Pearl jumps over the man, and some papers proving that he was a spy fall down. That's so clearly sheer fiction! It makes no sense, it has the fantasy and imagination of a police fiction, no spiritual substance in it, and for me it's hard to believe that it could be true. The claims that Mr.

Ballard plagiarized earlier books apply mainly to Magic Presence. Even, for example, when Gaylord first sees Leto, she has a veil on, and he hears that she is the "veiled sister".

Ascended Master Teachings

So when I first read Brother of the Third Degree, I thought Alexander Gaylord was a reincarnation of the main character of Alphonso Colonus the main character of that book , and that Leto had survived centuries and was that same Iole of the other book.

But it's just too equal.

Ballard , the Supreme Court in a landmark decision held that the question of whether Ballards believed their religious claims should not have been submitted to the jury, and remanded the case back to the Ninth Circuit, which affirmed the fraud conviction. Interpreting this decision, the Ninth Circuit later found that the Court did not go so far as to hold that "the validity or veracity of a religious doctrine cannot be inquired into by a Federal Court.

The Internal Revenue Service revoked their tax-exempt status in , stating it did not recognize the movement as "a religion". A court ruling in overturned the ruling of the IRS and re-established the group's tax-exempt status.

Among the hundreds attending, there are usually dozens of "I AM" students from other nations. Pageant every August at Mount Shasta, and has done so each year since Their website states that the performance is open to the public at no cost, and describes the Pageant as a portrayal of "the life of Beloved Jesus, focusing on His Miracles of Truth and Healing, and the example of the Ascension which He left to the world. It also refers to itself as patriotic because Ascended Master St.

Germain is believed to have inspired and guided the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Followers claim that St. However, Guy Ballard tended to downplay any relation of his ideas to Freemasonry because of his great discordance with Franklin Delano Roosevelt , a famous Freemason.

Thus the notion that Saint-Germain belonged to a Masonic Lodge was more part of general occult lore than part of Ballard's emphasis. By affirming something one desires, one may cause it to happen.

Without It humanity has nothing good, and with It they have all things 'Perfect. Try to think upon this Power, which is within you.

Call into use the Great Sea of Universal Substance from which you may draw without limit. It obeys, without exception, the direction of thought, and records any quality imposed upon it, through the activity of the feeling nature in mankind.

Universal Substance is obedient to your conscious will at all times. It is constantly responding to humanity's thought and feeling whether they realize it or not.

There is no instant at which human beings are not giving this Substance one quality or another, and it is only through the knowledge that the individual has conscious control and manipulation of a Limitless Sea of It that he begins to understand the possibilities of his own Creative Powers, and the responsibilities resting upon him in the use of his thought and feeling.

The fall of man[ edit ] A "Dictation" from Maitreya further clarified this matter through the "Messenger", Geraldine Innocente, on September 27, when what occurred during the time of the "Fourth Root Race" was described: Curiosity, rebellion against holding true to the Divine Pattern and the use of thought and feeling in creation of imperfection, began the building of what you call the 'soul'.

It is a consciousness apart from the full Purity of God. The first thought a man had that was imperfect and impure, energized by a secret feeling, was a cause and that, sent out into the atmosphere, created an effect. Like a boomerang, the effect came back into the consciousness and made a record.

That record was the beginning of an impression. Energy sent out in a certain manner returned to affect the lifestream who had sent it forth and there began to be created a shadow between the I AM Presence and the human consciousness. Endeavoring to contact the Presence, the individual would find these 'tramp' thoughts and feelings flowing through that line of contact until more and more imperfect was the conscious use of them.

The Magic Presence

Finally, those centers got completely away from the control of the ego and acted independently. Anything the individual saw, registered on the mind, was energized by feelings, and manifested.You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document I think the Dictations of the ascended masters, are not beyond the realm of human mistakes.

Now we have to undo the effect of millions and millions of these embodiments, in the matter of a few short years! The claims that Mr. Fulfillment of the Divine Plan[ edit ] Within the Life of every human being is the Power by which he can express all that the Ascended Masters express every moment — if he but chooses to do so.

Endeavoring to contact the Presence, the individual would find these 'tramp' thoughts and feelings flowing through that line of contact until more and more imperfect was the conscious use of them. Not one Ascension accomplished through spiritual means. The tendencies, habits and nature of your soul are determined by the ways in which you have used life through the centuries and what life has returned to you, age after age.