That means many of the old GMAT preparation guides may not be as helpful to crack everyone considers the GMAT Official Guide to be THE best GMAT book. Foundations of GMAT Math (Manhattan), Manhattan Advanced GMAT Quant, and GMAT Club Math book will be sufficient for the problem. List of Top 10 Best GMAT Prep Books. Here we provide you with details of best GMAT Test Prep Books & a sneak peek in what those books propose.

Gmat Preparation Book

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As you're deciding what to download, it's important to understand what makes a good GMAT prep book, so you're not wasting your time and money. GMAT Preparation Books - There are different resources available for help you determine the right test prep book or resource to tackle GMAT. Before you discover our favorite GMAT prep options on the market, be sure to take a look at The resources and book reviews in this post are organized by cost.

The Manhattan book set is developed by a company called Manhattan Prep.

Best GMAT Books and Resources

This company does not solely focus on the GMAT books but they produce preparation books for a variety of admissions-tests.. The Manhattan book set provides you with the essential theory and nothing more of the aspects that you need to master before taking the GMAT.

After studying these book sets you will exactly know which skills are required in order to finish the GMAT exam successfully. The book sets also include practice questions. Therefore, they are a decent- but not perfect representation of the questions you will encounter on the actual GMAT exam.

It is possible to download a separate book for each subject of the GMAT, which is quite expensive. But, Manhattan provides a solution by offering two book sets.

Finding The Best GMAT Books and Resources

These Book sets target the two sections that for most of the cases will define your score. You will find a short explanation about the two book sets below.

Quant Strategy Guide Set While previous editions of this book set consisted of five book s, the latest version consists of six books. In the first five books, the theory of the essential subjects of the Quantitative section are explained. The sixth book explains the foundations of the mathematical problem of the GMAT.

Verbal Strategy Guide Set The Verbal section needs a less comprehensive theoretical explanation, therefor this book set consists of four books. Content review Some GMAT prep books have sections that review the key concepts that are likely to appear on the exam. Full-length practice tests Full-length practice tests give you a good opportunity to assess your performance and figure out which areas you're struggling in.

Question bank Once you've pinpointed a particular type of question that's giving you trouble, you can use a question bank to give yourself extra practice on those types of problems.

Supplemental materials Many GMAT prep books give you access to an online portal that contains extra practice questions and tests, instructional videos, and other helpful study materials. You can expect to pay more for sets that include multiple GMAT prep books.

Books that have more practice tests also tend to be more expensive. FAQ Q. What does it mean that the GMAT is computer-adaptive? It means that the difficulty of the questions will continually adjust to provide a more accurate measure of your knowledge.

Your first question will be of medium difficulty, and the next one will be easier or harder, depending on how you answered the previous question. Take a practice test before you begin studying, and use your results to guide you. Spend extra time on the concepts and types of questions that you struggled with on the practice test. Then keep taking practice tests periodically to measure your progress while you study.

What we like: This set contains 10 guides designed to walk you through each of the key concepts that will be covered on the exam. You also get a year's access to Manhattan Prep's six computer-adaptive practice exams and over additional practice questions.

The 8 Best GMAT Prep Books of 2019

What we dislike: Users have complained that the books contain several typos, and some argue that the practice questions are not as challenging as the questions on the real exam.

What we like: These prep books are created by the organization who designs the GMAT, and they're the only guides that contain practice questions from real GMAT exams, so you know you're dealing with authentic material.

You also get access to an online portal that offers a question bank and videos to help you prepare for the exam. What we dislike: These books don't dive as deeply into the content you will be tested on, so you'll want to seek out additional materials if you need to review some of the GMAT's concepts.Updated February 28, This is official book and highly recommended. But Magoosh is all about making prep accessible.

It includes tool questions from previous exams. If you are having a lot of time for your preparation and you are serious about building a study schedule this book is a must need. The strategies you learn in this book will also help you with GMAT critical reasoning questions and the analytical writing assessment.

The Reading Comprehension Bible includes sample passages, questions, and analyses of each question type, along with drills of particular skills.