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Previous year Papers for MBA Entrance Tests gives you complete idea about variation of questions asked from time to time. We have a total of 24 centres across 19 cities in India. Besides, we prepare students for interview at our main office in Delhi. In addition to this, 10 inspectors from other Turkish Black Sea coastal cities of Giresun, Ordu, Artvin, Samsun, Sinop and Rize joined the second group of teachers on the 31st of October.

It is envisaged that these workshops will be conducted in many other cities around the Turkish Black Sea coast. This agreement on the reciprocal observer status between the BSC and IMO will further increase the cooperation and mutual support to achieve the common objectives of both organizations, for the Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Oceans.

The workshop is the first joint activity of the IMO and BSC within the framework of their recent agreement of cooperation, and it brought together bureaucrats, legal experts and scientists from six Black Sea riparian states.

When ships unload their cargo brought from the Black Sea ports to other ports all over the world, they have to fill their ballast water tanks with sea water in order to keep their balance on their way back to the Black Sea. It is estimated that about 3 to 10 billion tones of ballast water is transferred globally each year, potentially transferring from one location to another thousands of marine species that may prove ecologically harmful when released into a non-native environment. The effects of the invasive species have been devastating in many areas of the world, most notably in the Black Sea.

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Possibly one of the greatest of these threats is transfer of invasive species into the Black Sea. Invasive species in the Black Sea reproduce rapidly and they can invade an area in a very short time driving the native species out, which may also result in dramatic depletions in fish stocks. Hence these organisms have tremendous impacts on the economy and ecology of the areas they invade.

The Ballast Water Management Convention is comprised of measures to prevent the potentially devastating effects of harmful marine organisms carried by ships' ballast water.

It requires all ships to implement a Ballast Water and Sediments Management Plan, to carry a Ballast Water Record Book and to carry out ballast water management procedures to a given standard. Brief concept of project The project consists of the following main activities: 1. Elaboration of regionally agreed criteria for assessment of eutrophication - Elaboration of the Black Sea reference and target concentration levels of eutrophication parameters - Elaboration of a regional methodology on identification of water quality classes for eutrophication 3.

Enhancing the Black Sea monitoring efforts - Enhanced use of satellite observations for monitoring of eutrophication - Assessment of feasibility of usage of automated systems buoys, Ferry Boxes, automated samplers for monitoring of eutrophication parameters in the Black Sea region, based on the experience of the Baltic region 4. Development of implementation plan on setting up a modeling tool, linking background pollutants values in the Black Sea with requirements for reducing input of pollutants.

It will be running in parallel with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive MSFD process providing wide possibilities for coordination and harmonization. It is undertaken by 51 partners 43 of which are located in the Black Sea countries.


The predecessor - Black Sea SCENE project - has established a Black Sea Scientific Network of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGOs from the countries around the Black Sea and developed a distributed virtual data and information infrastructure.

The approach, when central server just plays coordination role while data are managed in place, accelerates data delivery from producers to end users thus allowing to keep the whole system up to date and sustain it after the project finish. The final Conference of the project will be organized jointly with the third Black Sea Bi-annual Scientific Conference in November It will contain an early warning system able to inform in advance decision-makers and the public about risks to human health, biodiversity and ecosystems integrity, agriculture production or energy supply caused by climatic, demographic and land cover changes on a year time horizon.

The SWAT model allows to predict the impact of land management practices on water, sediment and agricultural chemical yields in large, complex watersheds with varying soils, land use, management conditions over long period of time.

The results of the SWAT calculations under different scenarios of changes climate, land use, management etc. The aim of PEGASO is to build on existing capacities and develop common novel approaches to support integrated policies for the coastal, marine and maritime realms of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins in ways that are consistent with and relevant to the implementation of the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean.

Aleksandrov B.

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In the Black Sea it was earlier noticed in small number in its north-western part and in Grigorivsky liman Naukova dumka Publ. The present large scale bloom of N. At the beginning, the blooming area covered the upper 10 meters layer of the water.

Total number and biomass of this species were 2. Maximal concentration abundance Blooming area km wide extended practically along all Odessa Gulf coloring it in grey-yellow see the Figure below.

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Satellite images indicative of broader distribution of this area. Possible reason of this blooming was combination effect of two factors: unusual high temperature and volume of precipitation. According the data of marine geophysical laboratory of Odessa state ecological University average water temperature off Odessa in the first half of July was about 20C higher than that of the last 30 years i.

A remarkably high water temperature C was measured in July for this region. Special concern has the fact, that N. The toxin is known to have negative impact on fish and its early life stages. Nodularin accumulate in mollusks, primarily in mussels and hence of concern for human health. Great blooming of N. Literature M atishov G. Naukova dumka Publ.


North-western part of the Black Sea: biology and ecology. Kiev pp in Russian. Mazur H. Roohi A. The structure employed up till recently comprised a commercially hosted web package for the basic BSC web page and hosting of additional components BSIS, online documents, etc.

During the period the Permanent Secretariat has downloadd a dedicated server which will be scalable expandable through virtualization which will host the basic web page as well as the complete documents, archive and applications.

Some design elements were improved. Full compliance with the latest web standards was achieved.

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A noteworthy report assessing the data availability in the Black Sea region and their suitability for indicator-based reporting has been produced with the financial support of the European Environment Agency. In addition to these, a report on Cetacean strandings on the western Turkish Black Sea coast covering a period of September - August was prepared for the BSC. A modern tool Guidance plus Atlas for identification of Black Sea macroalgae was developed by the team of Dr.

The book contains information on the algal species in the Black Sea characteristics, ecology , their distribution and importance for the Black Sea. It will be published under the umbrella of the BSC in January hard copies and electronically on the web page of the BSC as well.

A book was written by a team of scientists and members of AGs lead by Dr.

Aleksander Korshenko and the BSC PS about the Kerch accident which happened on 11th of November with the aim to help in improvement of the oil spill prevention and preparedness in the BS region. The authors collected all available information, starting from sequence of events before the accident and ending with its impact and lessons learnt.

The book will be published in hard copy and electronically on the Web page of the BSC early The aim is to provide for support in publication of original manuscripts in the fields of: Science Black Sea, incl.

BS SAP implementation Decision-making in the field of Black Sea environment protection Best practices in environmental management - tools, techniques, models used in environment decision-making Case studies - Response to accidents Case studies — Hot Spots Public awareness Communication of Black Sea science to public The manuscripts will be evaluated based on: novelty, actuality, quality of research and exposition, theoretical and practical importance, current priorities in research and decision-making.

Supporting publications, the following outcomes are expected: Increased access to fresh information to be digested in the reports of the BSC; Increased visibility of the BSC; Better dissemination of knowledge in the BS region. Please apply to the Permanent Secretariat if you would like to have your book published under the umbrella of the BSC.

The total catch of the bluefish decreased dramatically in the last ten years. The reason behind the decline in the bluefish population is the fishing stress that densely exists on the juvenile bluefish population. But 14 cm is allowed in the Turkish regulation. Allowing fishing 14 cm-long bluefishes is not sustainable and will eventually cause a decrease in the bluefish population.

The Turkish Marine Research Foundation TUDAV and Palates with Opinions Slow Food Turkey have been leading a campaign on this issue, proposing that the minimum length limit allowed for fishing should be increased to 24 cm in the legal regulation as soon as possible.Registration is free and easy!

English ASIN: This agreement on the reciprocal observer status between the BSC and IMO will further increase the cooperation and mutual support to achieve the common objectives of both organizations, for the Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Oceans.

Aleksander Korshenko and the BSC PS about the Kerch accident which happened on 11th of November with the aim to help in improvement of the oil spill prevention and preparedness in the BS region. The Turkish and English versions of this kit have been completed.