Chanakya Niti-Shastra. Niti-Shastra. (The Political Ethics of Chanakya. Pandit). Translated by AIiles Davis (Patitaavana dasa) the beginr iing of. 16 нов. Chanakya Niti. Language: Ganda. Chanakya Niti. Identifier: chanakya-Neeti. Identifier-ark: ark://t08w8dr Ocr: ABBYY FineReader. Chanakya all teachings in this book published in

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Chanakya Niti-Shastra eBook PDF Free Download in hindi and English,French, Spanish Malayalam Marathi. List 70 eBooks on Niti & Subhasit - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet 34 Chanakya 55 And if you wanted the pdf version, then these are some sites which would help Download >> Neetishastra, Satyanishta Evam Abhivritti Civil Sewa Pariksha Hetu How do I download Chanakya NITI in English PDF form?.

Since scamp and sneak and snake So often undertake A plan that does not thrive, The world wags on, alive. Having made provision for security, in the realization that A man to thrive Must keep alive, one faces the necessity of having money. The Panchatantra, being very wise, never falls into the vulgar error of supposing money to be important. Money must be there, in reasonable amount, because it is unimportant, and what wise man permits things unimportant to occupy his mind?

He was sure 'Twas better to be dead than poor. Needless to say, worldly property need not be, indeed should not be, too extensive, since it has no value in possession, but only in use: In case of horse or book or sword, Of woman, man or lute or word, The use or uselessness depends On qualities the user lends. Now for the positive content of niti. Granted security and freedom from degrading worry, then joy results from three occupations—from resolute, yet circumspect, use of the active powers; from intercourse with like-minded friends; and above all, from worthy exercise of the intelligence.

Necessary, to begin with, for the experience of true joy in the world of men, is resolute action.

The difficulties are not blinked: There is no toy But man must strain To body's pain. Time and again this note is struck—the difficulty and the inestimable reward of sturdy action. Yet if it climb to heart's desire, What man of pride and fighting fire, Of passion and of self-esteem Can bear the unaccomplished dream?

His heart indignantly is bent Through its achievement on content. Equal stress is laid upon the winning and holding of intelligent friends. For, indeed, The days when meetings do not fail With wise and good Are lovely clearings on the trail Through life's wild wood.

So speaks Slow, the turtle; and Swift, the crow, expresses it thus: They taste the best of bliss, are good, And find life's truest ends, Who, glad and gladdening, rejoice In love, with loving friends. Last of all, and in a sense including all else, is the use of the intelligence.

Without it, no human joy is possible, nothing beyond animal happiness. One must have at disposal all valid results of scholarship, yet one must not be a scholar. For Scholarship is less than sense; Therefore seek intelligence.

One must command a wealth of detailed fact, ever alert to the deceptiveness of seeming fact, since oftentimes The firefly seems a fire, the sky looks flat; Yet sky and fly are neither this nor that. One must understand that there is no substitute for judgment, and no end to the reward of discriminating judgment: To know oneself is hard, to know Wise effort, effort vain; But accurate self-critics are Secure in times of strain.

One must be ever conscious of the past, yet only as it offers material for wisdom, never as an object of brooding regret: For lost and dead and past The wise have no laments: Between the wise and fools Is just this difference. And the whole matter finds its most admirable expression in the noble words of Cheek, the jackal: What is learning whose attaining Sees no passion wane, no reigning Love and self-control?

Does not make the mind a menial Finds in virtue no congenial Path and final goal? Whose attaining is but straining For a name, and never gaining Fame or peace of soul?

This is niti, the harmonious development of the powers of man, a life in which security, prosperity, resolute action, friendship, and good learning are so combined as to produce joy. It is a noble ideal, shaming many tawdry ambitions, many vulgar catchwords of our day.

And this noble ideal is presented in an artistic form of perfect fitness, in five books of wise and witty stories, in most of which the actors are animals. III Better with the learned dwell, Even though it be in hell Than with vulgar spirits roam Palaces that gods call home.

Thus, the first book relates the broken friendship of the lion Rusty and the bull Lively, with some thirty inserted stories, told for the most part by the two jackals, Victor and Cheek. The second book has as its framing story the tale of the friendship of the crow, the mouse, the turtle, and the deer, whose names are Swift, Gold, Slow, and Spot. The third book has as framing story the war between crows and owls. These three books are of considerable length and show great skill in construction.

A somewhat different impression is left by Books IV and V. The framing story of Book IV, the tale of the monkey and the crocodile, has less interest than the inserted stories, while Book V can hardly be said to have a framing story, and it ends with a couple of grotesque tales, somewhat different in character from the others. Otherwise, one will have to grieve like the brahmani Brahman woman who killed the mongoose 1. Man is bound to experience the fruits of his good and bad actions.

The karma does not diminish even after billions of days of Brahma 2 unless one experiences fruits of karma. One cannot earn or retain wealth without undergoing suffering.

Chanakya Niti

There is suffering in earning wealth as well as in spending it. Is not wealth the home of suffering? Only a learned person can understand the hardship borne by another learned person to earn knowledge just as a barren woman cannot understand the severe pain endured by a pregnant woman. The parents who do not educate a child are his enemies since he is humiliated in an assembly of learned men like a crane among swans.

Onion does not lose its smell even if it is planted in a basin of Camphor , tended using musk and watered using the dew from rose petals. A student acquires quarter of knowledge from the teacher, a quarter from self study, a quarter from classmates and the final quarter in course of time.

When a girl is getting married, the father of the girl looks for education in the bride groom; the mother for wealth, the kith and kin for family reputation and the girl for beauty.

A scorpion has poison in its tail. A bee has poison in its head. Takshaka has poison in its teeth. An evil person has poison in all his limbs. Sky is the strength of birds, water the strength of fish; king the strength of the weak and wailing the strength of babies.

An ideal wife will have these six virtues — she will be like a counselor in dealing with various situations, like a maid servant in serving her husband, like Goddess Lakshmi in beauty, like the earth in patience, like a mother in giving love and be like a Courtesan in bedroom.

Keep aloof from a horse that is drenched in water, mad elephant, bull that is maddened with lust and an uncultured man who is educated. Helping an evil person will cause harm to one even as feeding milk to a snake will only increase its poison.

The fruit of giving charity to a knower of Truth Brahma Jnani multiplies like an arrow, shot by Arjuna that turns into ten arrows when he takes aim, hundred when he shoots them, thousand on the way and a shower of arrows when they hit the target. Even God does not know about the leaps of a horse, roaring of clouds, minds of women, destiny of man, lack of rain or excess of rain.

Then how can a man know these? Attainment of wealth by an incompetent person, knowledge by a man of ignoble descent, a woman by undeserving person, etc. Win the whole world by truth, sorrow by charity, elders by service and the enemies by archery.

Jati jasmine among flowers, Vishnu among men, Rambha among women, Kanchi among cities, Ganges among rivers, Rama among kings, Magha among poetic compositions and Kalidasa among poets excel the others. He who gives birth, takes one to the Guru, imparts knowledge, gives food and protects one from fear — these five are equal to father. The wives of teacher, king and elder brother, the mother-in-law and the mother who gave birth — these five are mothers.

Keep a distance of 5 hasta3 cubits from a vehicle, ten cubits from a horse and cubits from an elephant. Keep as much away as possible from an evil person. In childhood, a woman is protected by her father, by her husband in her youth and by her sons in her old age.

A woman should never be left alone to fend for herself. The snake and the wicked person are both dangerous.

The poison of a snake can be neutralized by mantra or medicine while there is no mantra or medicine that can remove the poison of a wicked person. Ordinary poison is insignificant when compared to the poison of the sin of usurping the property of a Brahmin one who is virtuous. Having two wives in spite of being poor, building a house on a road, doing cultivation in two different places, becoming a witness or bail in a lawsuit are the five self-sought misfortunes.

Seeing the elephants, snakes and birds in bondage, the eclipse of the sun and the moon and the poverty of the wise men I conclude that destiny is inevitable. Those who are uneducated do not shine even if they are endowed with beauty and youth and are born in renowned families just like kimsuka 4 flowers which are beautiful but odourless. Those who have one wife, three sons, and two ploughs, six cows and a house in the centre of a country are immensely fortunate. Clothing is the prime requisite for decorations, ghee is the foremost requisite for food, virtue is the foremost requisite for women and knowledge is the chief requisite of scholars.

Ant-hill, honey in a honey-comb, moon in bright half of the month, wealth of the king and food received by begging, grow gradually. Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, righteousness is my brother, compassion is my friend, peace is my wife and patience is my son. These six are my kith and kin. The Sun sets daily taking away a part of one's longevity. Knowing this, one should reflect daily what righteous action one has performed. Speaking sweet words to the wicked is like offering a garland of exquisite flowers into the hands of a monkey.

Morning Sun, smoke from funeral pyre, coitus with old woman, muddy water and eating curd-rice at night increase ill health day by day. Setting Sun, smoke from Homa sacrificial pyre , coitus with young woman, pure water and eating milk rice at night increase longevity day by day. One's wealth and properties remain at one's home, sons and relatives take leave at cremation ground.

It is one's good and evil actions that accompany oneself after death. Righteousness prevails and not unrighteousness. Truth prevails and not untruth. Patience prevails and not anger. Gods prevail and not demons. Stocking grains, taking care of calves, doing cultivation oneself, serving one's elders — these five habits foster one's family. Treat the child like a prince till the age of 5, like a servant till the age of When the son reaches the age of 16, treat him like a friend.

Even a wise man perishes by teaching a fool, contact with evil woman and by resorting to the company of the wicked. Save wealth for difficult times; how can the wealthy have difficulties?

If one squanders wealth, one will eventually lose all the accumulated wealth. One's physical body, wealth and other resources are transitory. Death is always at hand. Knowing this, a wise man should strive to do righteous actions. One who plants a holy fig tree, a neem tree, an Indian fig tree, ten tamarind trees; three trees each of pomegranate, wood-apple and Emblic Myrobalan and five trees each of mango and coconut will not suffer Hell.

Will Neem ever acquire sweetness even if it is grown on top of a mountain of molasses and watered thousands of times with milk?

One who is beneficial is a kinsman though he is a stranger. One who is harmful is an enemy though he is a kinsman. When one is seriously sick, herbs from distant forest are used as medicine. The knowledge confined to books, wealth that is in the custody of others and a son who has gone to foreign countries are useful in name only.

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Company of wife is as good as the treatment given by ten physicians. Sun is ten times beneficial than the care given by wife. Mother is ten times beneficial compared to the Sun. Yellow Myrobalan is ten times beneficial than the mother. Even a virtuous person perishes due to association with the wicked just as the swans that gave refuge to the crows perished because of the evil deeds committed by the crows. The characteristics of the wicked persons and phlegm are surprisingly similar.

Both of these are agitated by sweetness and are pacified by bitterness.


Phlegm is agitated by sweet food and is pacified by bitter food while the wicked person is agitated by sweet words and is pacified by bitter words. Enmity comes to an end by death. Youth ends with pregnancy. Anger comes to an end by bowing down. Pride comes to an end by begging before others. He, who renovates or helps to regain the glory of fallen family, abandoned well or lake, dethroned king, refugee, cows, temples and wise men, attains fourfold merit.

Profession of an artist or writer is the highest. That of cultivation and trade is mediocre, that of a servant is the lowest and that of a porter is lower than the lowest. A bee pursues fragrance. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth pursues a tactful person, water pursues depth. Fate follows intelligence. The following give better results when they are beaten: the wicked, gold, drum, stubborn horse, unchaste woman, sugar-cane, sesamum and uncultured person.

I bow down before these six persons — one who gives pure food, one who performs agnihotra daily fire ritual everyday, a knower of Vedanta, one who has seen one thousands full moons, one who fasts every month and a chaste woman.

Flees desire wounds, kings desire wealth, the wicked persons desire to quarrel and the wise men desire to have peace.

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The sun stone shines by the mere presence of the Sun. In the same manner, knowledge shines in a disciple by the mere presence of the teacher.Caress a rascal as you will, He was and is a rascal still: All salve- and sweating-treatments fail To take the kink from doggy's tail.

Needless to say, worldly property need not be, indeed should not be, too extensive, since it has no value in possession, but only in use: In case of horse or book or sword, Of woman, man or lute or word, The use or uselessness depends On qualities the user lends.


The Chanakya Niti consists of expert knowledge regarding espionage, maintenance and mobilization of army, general administration, diplomacy, management of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry; industrial production and so forth. That of cultivation and trade is mediocre, that of a servant is the lowest and that of a porter is lower than the lowest. Mother is ten times beneficial compared to the Sun. Chang was clearly not too happy about the situation what had as in the Point Pleasant lumber yard saw a glowing object from 1 since that time.

All worldly wisdom's inner meaning, In these five books the charm compresses Of all such books the world possesses. A manuscript of the Chanakya's Arthashastra, and with it, a commentary on a small part of it by a writer named Bhattaswamin, was handed over by a Pandit scholar to the Mysore Government Oriental Library.

All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it.