Characters. The Orphans: Boy (Peter): A boy who doesn't miss much. Nameless, homeless, and friendless at the beginning of the play and a hero by the end. end, they've become Peter and the Starcatcher. Dropping the 's' is a small change with a big difference.” But we wanted to make sure the play would reflect what. Peter the Starcatcher (Libretto) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File A Play by. Rick Elice Based on the Novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.

Peter And The Starcatcher Script Pdf

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Information on the Play. Synopsis. 5. Characters. 6. Scholarly Articles on the Play. Bat Out of Neverland: Growing Young with. Peter and the Starcatcher. 7. PETER AND THE STARCATCHER a play by Rick Elice based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson music by Wayne Barker musical. Peter and the Starcatcher book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The hilarious script for the Broadway play Peter and the.

Reading how and why they made these decisions was almost as interesting as the play itself. The shape of the play, and the notes explaining it, was almost a story unto itself, a lesson in the art of theater, what drives those who pursue it, and the creative process in general.

Sometimes it can be somewhat insular if you ever watched a movie and wondered why so many elements are familiar, it really is because they were placed there as loving odes unless placed there by clueless hacks , which may actually make this the ideal way to experience the play, with everything explained. Clearly, the play was designed as a comedy, plus unabashedly a love letter to theater in general.

Peter the Starcatcher (Libretto)

One has the sense that the play is almost more love letter than play. It's also vindication, for Peter Pan fans in general, that there's plenty of life left in the old boy as it were. With the recent flop of Pan at the movies, and critics being ridiculous in their comments "Why make an oblique reference to lost boys??? Perish the thought.

This is an awfully big adventure. Cherish it.

But did you ever wonder what Peter and the Lost Boys were doing before they came to Neverland? How Peter Pan and Captain Hook met?

Peter and the Starcatcher: The Annotated Script of the Broadway Play

Why does the crocodile have a clock inside? How did Tinkerbell come into being? Why Wendy? It won five Tony Awards in The annotated script of the Broadway play is a delight. It begins with a trip that Lord Astor is making for Queen Victoria to deliver a very special trunk. His thirteen going-on-fifteenyear old daughter Molly accompanies him. They soon meet up with a group of orphan boys, including one who has no name and some pirates. The trunk is switched by a nasty crew who are delivering the boys to a King who, unbeknown to the boys bought them.

To protect her, Lord Astor puts Molly on the boat with the boys, captained by Black Stach, which he thinks is a slightly slower merchant ship.. It is a delightful adventure full of puns, twists, and inside jokes performed in an amazingly altering minimalist set.

The Annotated Script explains the inside jokes and references for those who may not catch them. It also provides background on the story and those involved in the writing. I saw the play before I read the script. The script added quite a bit to my appreciation of the play and, when I see it again in a few weeks, it should prove even more valuable. When Molly goes aboard a ship called the Neverland accompanied by her nanny Mrs.

Bumbrake, her curiosity gets the best of her and she follows a sailor named Alf. When Alf leaves she meets three boys. The first named Prentiss who thinks he is the leader of the group, Ted who is completely food obsessed, and a strange boy named Boy. Molly takes the boys from under the ship and takes care of them. Molly's father, Aster on This book is a great read, it is the prequel to Peter Pan but in a play form.

Molly's father, Aster on the other hand is abord another ship with the name of The Wasp.

They encourage the audience to use their imaginations to visualize the British Empire. Transported to a bustling port, we meet Lord Leonard Aster; his precious daughter Molly; and her nanny, Mrs. Two identical trunks are delivered to the port. One contains a precious cargo belonging to the Queen, who has appointed Lord Aster as its custodian. The other trunk, a decoy full of sand, will be carried by the old, weather-beaten ship The Neverland, captained by the sinister Bill Slank.

Amidst the bustle of the port, while no one is looking, Slank marks the Queen's trunk — the one supposed to go on The Wasp — with a chalk X. Then, at the last moment, he swaps the trunks. The Queen's cargo is loaded aboard The Neverland, and the identical sand-filled trunk is placed on The Wasp.

Grempkin, the schoolmaster of St. After realizing that no one cares enough to say goodbye to the orphans, Peter proclaims that he hates grownups.

Molly and Mrs. Bumbrake are traveling aboard The Neverland, which is taking a slower, safer route to Rundoon than The Wasp. As Molly and Lord Aster bid farewell, a crate containing the orphan boys bursts open and one catches Molly's eye.

Before he departs, Lord Aster confides the mission's details to Molly, speaking in Dodo, a language known only to dodo birds and a handful of very special humans. Aster places an amulet around his neck and a matching one around Molly's. He warns her never to take it off or let anyone else touch it, and charges her to use it if she is ever in trouble. Molly protests and asks to be part of the mission aboard The Wasp, but Lord Aster convinces her to stay aboard The Neverland by promising her an exotic vacation once the mission is complete.

Molly comments that she is only an apprentice Starcatcher, a word that catches Slank's ear. Aster departs for The Wasp, and Slank ditches the pleasant facade and turns nasty. Alf, a kindly old seafarer, escorts Molly and Mrs. Bumbrake to their cabin below the deck of the ship, and The Neverland sets sail.

Bumbrake describes to Molly a family she used to work for in Brighton. The cruel master would beat the cook, an island boy who was an artist in the kitchen. On his way to feed the pigs, Alf checks in on the ladies and flirts with Mrs. Molly, a lover of all animals, follows Alf out. On the way, she discovers sailors gambling, singing hymns, and torturing Mack, the world's most inept sailor.

The three filthy orphans gather around Alf and his bucket of food. Prentiss, who identifies himself as the group's leader, demands to speak to the Captain, while the food-obsessed Ted dives into the food, only to realize he's been fed worms.

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The Boy asks Alf about their fate but he refuses to answer. Alf leaves and Molly appears, startling the boys. Prentiss again asserts his leadership, but the Boy challenges him and captivates Molly. The Boy lashes out, but Molly challenges him, which sparks something new in him.

The Boy flashes back to St. Norbert's Orphanage for Lost Boys, where Grempkin is lashing him. The Boy imagines having a family. Molly re-enters to fetch the Boy, saving him from his nightmare. The Wasp: Captain's Cabin Greggors escorts Lord Aster inside the ship and then reveals that his real name is Smee and the seamen are pirates.

Captain Scott is bound and gagged, and the real seamen are in chains below. Smee demands the key to the trunk, but Lord Aster refuses.

Just then, the pirate crew begins to tremble in fear. Smee elaborately introduces the most feared pirate captain on the high seas, Black Stache, who dramatically enters, then immediately vomits into a bucket. Black Stache, so-called because of his trademark facial hair, is a sometimes poetic but malapropism-prone psychopath who threatens to find and kill Molly unless Aster gives him the key to the trunk. When Aster refuses, he steals the trunk key from his pocket.

The amulet around Lord Aster's neck begins to glow. The Neverland: Passageway Molly's matching amulet starts to glow and the boys notice. Molly divulges that her father is on a secret mission for the Queen. Bumbrake comes searching for Molly, so she and the boys turn to escape down a corridor and encounter a flying cat in Slank's cabin. Molly knows that the only thing that could make a cat fly is starstuff; she realizes that the Queen's treasure is on the wrong ship.

She tries to distract the boys from the starstuff by suggesting a bedtime story. The Boy unexpectedly blurts out his darkest secrets and dreams. Molly entrances the boys with her story, and leads them away from Slank's cabin by telling them the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Smee deduces that Slank must have swapped the trunks.

Stache complains to Lord Aster about his quest to find a great hero to oppose so he can be a great villain, and commands that the ship be turned around. The Wasp pursues The Neverland. The Neverland: Ship's Bowels After the boys have been lulled to sleep by Molly's bedtime story, Lord Aster contacts her through the amulet and warns her that pirates have commandeered The Wasp.

Aster tells Molly that she is now a part of the mission. The Boy awakens and catches the end of Molly's communication; he insists that she tell him what is going on. The Neverland: Deck From the ship's deck, Molly tells the Boy about Starcatchers, a handful of people whose sole mission is to protect starstuff. The Boy insists that Molly prove she is an apprentice Starcatcher, so she puts her hand around her amulet, closes her eyes, and floats a few inches above the deck.

The Boy tells Molly that he is going there to help the King, but she bursts his bubble and explains that King Zarboff is actually evil. He would kill for even a thimble of starstuff. As the Boy laments, Slank enters and throws him overboard. The Boy, who cannot swim, starts to drown. Molly dives into the ocean and saves him. Molly drags the Boy back on board and revives him. Slank sees The Wasp and assumes that the British navy must have discovered the trunk swap.

He prepares to outrun the other ship, but the Boy takes the wheel and changes course. In the midst of the storm, the wheel flies off the deck and goes spinning out to sea; The Neverland lurches. Below deck, Alf is again flirting with Mrs. Bumbrake, who stops his advances in order to find Molly. When the two ships meet, the pirates board The Neverland and fight with the sailors. In the bilge, Molly congratulates the Boy for doing something big.

She then dashes off to get the trunk from Slank's cabin; the Boy realizes that there are more important things than saving his own neck and runs to help Molly. On deck, Slank and Stache square off, but just as Stache gets the upper hand, The Neverland splits in two. As Molly and Mrs. Bumbrake struggle to move the trunk, Slank intercepts them. Bumbrake throws the ship's cat in Slank's face, and Alf steps in to throw Slank overboard, where he drowns.

Stache offers the Boy a place on his crew and tries out some Piratical names for him. One of them, Pirate Pete, strikes a chord with the Boy and he chooses a name for himself: Peter. Losing patience, Stache knocks Peter off the trunk, opens it, and realizes he's been had. As Peter celebrates his own cleverness, Stache knocks him overboard.

Lord Aster calls to Molly and tells her to bring him the trunk; Molly is torn between saving Peter and obeying her father. Knowing that the starstuff will float, she pushes it in the water and tells Peter to float to a nearby island.

Alf and Mrs. Bumbrake search for flotsam to make a raft; Ted and Prentiss cling to one another; Stache commands Smee to follow the trunk; Molly dives into the ocean and swims after Peter; Peter rides the trunk toward the island with fish swimming in its golden wake. Act II[ edit ] A group of Mermaids recount in vaudevillian song their experience of being transformed from regular fish after swimming in the wake of the starstuff. The Mountain-Top Lookout Point Atop a mountain on the island, Peter absorbs the freedom of open skies and clean air for the first time in his life.

A yellow bird flies around his head, pestering him, before fluttering off. Ted and Prentiss arrive, and Peter enlists them in the mission to get the trunk to the Wasp so they can leave the island. In the distance, Mrs.

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Bumbrake and Alf paddle toward the shore on a makeshift raft. The boys hide the trunk and go in search of branches. The Jungle The boys descend the mountain, and go deeper and deeper into the dark jungle. They are quickly separated and soon realize that they are not alone. Stache and Smee are also creeping about the jungle and Molly, a champion swimmer, has arrived as well. Mollusk Territory The island's natives, the Mollusks, capture the boys. The chief, Fighting Prawn, sentences them to death, a fate he reserves for all English trespassers because he was sold into slavery by the English.

They are to be sacrificed and fed to Mr. Grin, the island's hungriest crocodile. The boys offer the gift of a bedtime story to the Mollusks, hoping they will fall asleep, allowing the boys to escape. Fighting Prawn accepts the offering, timing them with a kitchen timer he wears as a relic of his slavery as a kitchen boy.

The boys perform Sleeping Beauty for the tribe, but because they all fell asleep during Molly's rendition of the story, none of them can really remember how it goes. Molly approaches and watches from behind some trees. At the climax, Molly blurts out that the boys have ruined the story. The Mollusks are amused especially because Molly's name means "Squid Poop" in their language , but decide that the English invaders must die anyway, and toss them into Mr.I found some changes at the end particularly interesting, and remain somewhat conflicted about what it means for the story.

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This is an awfully big adventure. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. When Alf leaves she meets three boys.

A yellow bird flies around his head, pestering him, before fluttering off. Trivia About Peter and the Sta Charlene Jean. The ensemble invites us to use our imaginations to create the British Empire. He loves his daughter dearly but is perhaps guilty of placing his mission above her safety. Aster departs for The Wasp, and Slank ditches the pleasant facade and turns nasty.